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VPS Provisioning for Rails

Recently I have been researching solutions for Ruby on Rails deployment by provisioning my own VPS.

This post will not outline my solution entirely as I have not finalized the route that I will take. I will simply discuss some of the resources that I currently have and a few high-level ideas.

I am currently using DreamHost’s VPS plan. I figured that I could start with them as they have been good to me in the past. Currently, I have root access to my VPS, etc. I have begun initiating installs to compile the production stack that I would like to have on my VPS. It should mirror my development environment as closely as possible.

But, after reading a few things about Chef that entail using various recipes and cookbooks I might provision the VPS now with their helpful tools.

Going the Heroku route might end up costing me a lot in the long run. For now, I will keep some testing and development apps on there still.

Of all the online deployment learning materials, one that I would like to praise is Reliably Deploying Rails Applications. So far, so good. Go check it out.

I’ll be back with more details soon.