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Day Before Thanksgiving

I have so much to give thanks for this year; I didn’t even write an updated blog post to detail where I’m currently working and discuss the year that was 2015 for me professionally. Still planning to get something up soon that talks about what I’m learning, and using now primarily in my web development world. Until then, check out my LinkedIn ... Read more

Expect An Update Soon

Hi, people of the internet. So much has changed since I last wrote a post. It really has been a wild summer of learning and enhancing my skill set. I plan to make my next post about new interests and things that I have been working with. Cheers. Read more

VPS Provisioning for Rails

Recently I have been researching solutions for Ruby on Rails deployment by provisioning my own VPS. This post will not outline my solution entirely as I have not finalized the route that I will take. I will simply discuss some of the resources that I currently have and a few high-level ideas. I am currently using DreamHost’s VPS plan. I figure... Read more

MacBook Fan Control

My previous post outlined a few upgrades I made to my MacBook. One thing that I noticed was that my fan was running very high and continuously. I tried a few things like dusting my machine with an air can, and a few other things that Apple recommended but none of them seemed to work. My fan was still running constantly at a high rpm (6000+). An... Read more