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MacBook Weekend Upgrades

I went ahead and purchased some upgrades for my what I can now call ‘classic’ 2009 MacBook (A1278 13-inch). This baby is now humming.

Hey, it’s not a MacBook Pro, but it is now faster than your Pro. I also work on a Pro and my classic MacBook is now lapping that.

Ok, let’s get to the upgrades:

The last two are not upgrades for my machine but they were needed additions to my set of tools. The toolkit was necessary to get inside my machine.

The USB to SSD cable was needed to transfer my existing data to my new 500 GB SSD drive. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to do so. After a successful cloning, I could now boot from my new SSD.

Now to the 8GB of RAM. Luckily, my system supports up to 8GB and even that was a huge Apple secret.

I’m also waiting for a new fan replacement. That should arrive soon.

Among the noticeable changes after the upgrades are that my machine starts and shuts down with lightning speed. Apps open with ease, and there is absolutely no lag in any of my developement workflow. The RAM upgrade is icing on the cake.

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