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Promise To Update Soon

Hi. It’s pretty lame that I haven’t updated this blog in a really long time. I hope my visitors aren’t completely annoyed. Please check the links in the header to see what I’ve been up to. I have been working with nodejs, express, Angular, React, and continuing to leverage Drupal for as much as I can. I think those are the only things I’m worki... Read more

New Theme

New theme. Blakkow. Read more

It's Been So Long

I feel terrible in neglecting this space. I’m still alive, I just haven’t gotten myself up for writing. Besides normal work I have been in graduate school and that is keeping me occupied. Lately I’m working mostly with the following: Drupal, Salesforce, Node, and React/other JS libraries specifically. Besides that, I have been trying to stay on... Read more

Developing Widgets with React and Redux

Recently we were tasked with developing widgets that could be embedded into an ASU Now news story to promote additional reader engagement. A widget can be anything from a chart that changes based on input, a quiz, or anything that can be created based on the news story. After our team of developers finished an initial brainstorming session, on... Read more